28-29 May 2015


Parkmall, 9 Penang Road #11-14, Singapore 238459


5 Seats

Workshop Topics

Email Marketing & SEO


Elite Academy is managed by Singapore’s leading digital marketing agency, MediaOne. We specialized in digital marketing medias such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Web Development.

This workshop is designed to teach you the essence of generating leads online without engaging digital marketing agencies in the future. Unlike many “online” marketing workshops, this is not a workshop to “get rich”, but we reveal to you the digital marketing blueprint which our company had been using over the years to generate UNLIMITED leads, creating dozens of business opportunities everyday.

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We will share with you how to generate thousands of prospects in matters of hours.

Our participants are able to generate hundreds to thousands of prospects immediately after attending our workshops and they are no longer paying SEO/SEM/Email Marketing agencies to manage their digital marketing campaigns.

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Introduction to Email Marketing

Learn about how businesses in the industry are running successful email marketing campaigns, generating them unlimited prospects everyday. Find out what are the common mistakes by businesses that are running existing campaigns, leading countless emails to rejections, spam box, trash!

Creating Your Own EDMs & Running The Campaigns

With actual hands on, the trainer will ensure that participants will learn to master the arts of creating a powerful email marketing campaign, with absolutely no prior technical skills. You will also learn important aspects such as: Spam Resistant Emails, Compelling Email, Compliance with PDPC/IDA Laws, Automated Email Marketing, etc.

Generating Prospects in Minutes

Do you know that many SMEs in Singapore spent tens of thousands of dollars to email marketing agency to generate targeted databases? In this workshop, we will share and train the participants the blueprint strategies & techniques to build thousands of highly targeted business email prospects in matters of hours.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

A comprehensive introduction to Search Engine Optimization and find out how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies are able to rank their client’s website to top ranking in Google using ethical & legit methods, recognized by Google.

Keywords Research & On-site Optimization

Learn to identify the right keywords for your business and start working on setting up your first Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign in the workshop. Participants will be trained on crucial on-site optimization elements, such as content optimization, content siloing, internal linkings, permalinks, re-directions and many more.

Off-Page Optimization

Participants in the workshop will learn about off-site optimization in SEO perspective. Learn how Google actually defines SEO activities outside of your website and why they are needed to boost your ranking in Google. Learn about off-site optimization elements such as social signals, backlinks, content marketing, and how to actually go about building them.

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Participation Fees / Companies are eligible to claim 60% of the workshop fees from IRAS PIC Grant.

The Arts Of Email Marketing


Learn to & setup a campaign
Generate thousands of prospects in hours
Hands-On Session
EDM Softwares Included
28th May 2015

Become a SEO Expert


Learn how SEO companies do it.
Learn On-Site & Off-Site Optimization
Hands-On Session
SEO Guide Included
29th May 2015

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Event FAQS/ find your answers

MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd is one of the largest digital marketing & digital production agency in Singapore. Our team members have worked with hundreds of local SMEs & MNCs to build their digital marketing campaign such as Yellow Pages, Zalora, Zurich Life Insurance, MDIS, Popular Holdings & many more.
Yes, our SEO workshop comprises of the full suite of SEO techniques and strategies to get your website atop of major search engines. Not to forget, our trainers are from one of the best SEO companies in Singapore!
Yes, the difference between Elite Academy and the other email marketing workshops is that, we teach you based on a real-life perspective, as a business owner or marketing manager. We ensure that every participants that comes to our workshop, learns how to build thousands of prospects on the day of workshop itself!
No. Many“Email Marketing” workshop out there that teaches you on how to use website like Aweber, and basic EDM knowledge. After attending the workshop, most participants has ZERO idea on how to carried out the email marketing campaign as they have no database! With us, we make sure you learn the blueprint of building your own email database in matters of seconds! (Software included in this workshop)

Productivity & Innovation Credit / Get 60% cash back from the fees paid.

Our training workshops are eligible for the Productivity & Innovation Credit, which allows local companies & businesses with at least 3 CPF employees to enjoy 60% cash back.

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Event Location

MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd
Parkmall, 9 Penang Road #11-14, Singapore 238459
Tel: (65) 6789 9852

Each workshop has limited seats, so register early now!.

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